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Welcome to the website of East and North Finland EU Office!

East and North Finland EU Office is a Brussels-based regional office representing the interests of South Savo, Kainuu, Central Ostrobothnia, Lapland, North Karelia, Oulu region and Pohjois-Savo. In cooperation with the regional councils, EU Office aims to improve the competitiveness and operating conditions of the business sector in East and North Finland.

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You can find us on our social media accounts. We are mostly active on Twitter, but we are also on LinkedIn and Facebook. Most of our communications are in Finnish but occasionally you might find us tweeting in English, too.

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Itä- ja Pohjois-Suomen EU-toimiston tammikuun uutiskirje on julkaistu! ❄ ✉ Lue uutiskirje täältä:…

@EU_Commission on julkaissut ensimmäisen raportin vuonna 2021 hyväksytyn Uusi eurooppalainen Bauhaus -aloitteen saa…

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👋 For 2023-2025, NSPA network is chaired by East and North Finland. We look forward to continue working with…

@leskinen_leena esittelemässä projektia: The forest digitalization test laboratory #ForestInnovation

Itä- ja Pohjois-Suomi mukana Brysselissä Forest Innovation Workshop -tapahtumassa. @pohjoiskarjala osallistui aluej…

Contact us​

East and North Finland EU Office
24, Avenue Palmerston
B-1000 Brussels

Telephone: +32 2 231 01 22


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